Sconti 10 20 30 powerpoint

sconti 10 20 30 powerpoint

filling each slide with unnecessary text, why not try to identify your salient points first and then make an outline based on them? Speakers are expected to deliver their speeches in eighteen minutes or less, and that doesnt stop them from communicating brilliant ideas that are worth sharing. Or, maybe your audience is better served by a 1-minute speech and a 59-minute. #1: 10 Slides Constrains the Presenter to Choose Wisely.

Guy Kawasaki - The 10 / 20 / 30, rule of, powerPoint The, rule of Presentation Twelve Years Later

You should give your ten slides in twenty minutes. Although Kawasaki originally meant it to be for entrepreneurs and startup business owners, this principle applies to all types of presentations. If not, then be careful about applying the wisdom to your personal situation. #3, failure Stories, slide6 mText-basedEasy to write in ablstarted looking for transportsSee #3 (Failure stories) #4, a nice protocol, slide7. Trimming this number down to 10 forces you to evaluate the necessity of each and every slide. 0, tags: Keynote, PowerPoint.